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The Hub installer for Mocha Pro is downloading now!

If your download doesn't begin after a few seconds, click here to download.

The Hub is our new tool to assist you with licensing and installing all Boris FX products.

Once you’ve installed and launched the Hub application, you can easily start a free trial of Mocha Pro or any other product in the Boris FX Suite. You can also enter an existing activation key or purchase a new perpetual or subscription license. 

Please note: You will need to register for the Mocha Pro 14-day free trial via the in-app registration page after installation. After 14 days, Mocha Pro will return to its default state of Learning Edition (LE) Mode. While in LE mode, Mocha renders are watermarked, exports are limited to 10 frames, and project files cannot be opened in a licensed version of Mocha Pro.

The Boris FX Hub requires an active internet connection.

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