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With Nick Harauz

The Beginner’s Guide to Boris FX Continuum

Introducing Continuum 

Boris FX Continuum plugins can be used to create a wide range of broadcast, feature film, and social media content. This incredibly rich plugin package is available for Adobe, Avid, Resolve, Final Cut, and other supported OFX hosts. 

Since Continuum contains over 300+ effects, the creative possibilities are endless. With over 4,000 presets, you’ll quickly be able to get up and running with polished-looking effects ready for any project. 

Getting Started

This official course has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of working with Continuum. We’ll start by showing you how to use the FX Editor to find, apply, and customize presets. Then we’ll dive a little deeper as we explore the different kinds of effects in the suite. Finally, we’ll round things out by looking at how each effect has Mocha masking built-in for the ultimate effect workflow. 

Once you learn how to apply and adjust one effect, you can use the same principles to apply and adjust any of the effects inside Boris FX Continuum!

Use the link below to purchase the exercise files to follow along:


Intro to the Course

Continuum's marketing product manager Nick Harauz gives a high-level overview of what to expect in the 2+ hours of Continuum training.


Exercise Files

Download and work with the exercise files to easily follow along. Available free to Boris FX Suite subscribers or customers who have purchased the Premium training.


01: A Tale of Two Continuums

Make the most out of Continuum by understanding how to use the FX Editor and FX Browser.



02: Glows, Glitches and Channels

Get comfortable with some of Continuum's most popular glow and distortion effects.


03: Color Correction & Optics

Explore primary & secondary color correction tools and a variety of optical diffusion effects for finishing.WATCH NOW

04: Transitions

Fine tune dynamic transitions by working in a dedicated workspace and manipulating on-screen controls.WATCH NOW

05: Compositing

Conquer green screens with Primatte Studio and its additional effects that help sell your composites.


06: Masking & Tracking with Mocha

Become familiar with the many ways you can use Mocha, including masking, tracking, and corner pinning.WATCH NOW

07: Repairing Footage

Learn how to perform skin enhancements as well as use tools for image restoration.


08A: Titles and Motion Graphics

Learn about various effects, textures, and auto-animating effects you can apply to text sources in Premiere Pro.WATCH NOW

08B: Titles and Motion Graphics

Discover how to work with Particle Illusion in Continuum to create stunning particle simulations.                                            WATCH NOW

08C: Titles and Motion Graphics

Create a compelling moving background from scratch using a large group of Continuum effects inside After Effects.                       WATCH NOW

09: Beat Reactor

Learn how to use Beat Reactor to drive effect properties through music.


10: Next Steps

What happens after you’ve learned the Essentials? Stay up to date with the latest techniques.                                      WATCH NOW


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By purchasing this product, you are licensed to install it on one machine and create two backup copies on physical media.  

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Under no circumstances shall the copyright owner be liable to the user and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunity, indirect, special, consequential,  incidental, or punitive damages whatsoever. 

Footage supplied is for training purposes only.

Additional footage is provided courtesy of Nick Harauz, Claude Quammie, and Eugene Heats, taken from Crosschains.